Acne Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time through a series of treatments, patients will see improvements towards radiant acne-free skin. You will begin to see improvements in areas such as pigmented acne scars and large pores. Excellent results can also be seen by patients with severe sun damaged skin that develop conditions such as: actinic keratosis tone changes texture changes mottled pigmentation skin laxity problems Results vary from client to client as skin types differ from person to person, so talk to our aesthetician to discuss what treatment plan and duration is better suited for your skin type.

Although skin types vary person to person, an effective general treatment plan can consist of a series of 3-6 treatments with about 2-4 weeks apart from each treatment. However, for example, some patients with only a skin issue of actinic keratoses can be happy with just one treatment session. Treatment frequencies and lengths can be adjusted to the areas and conditions you are looking to treat. More treatments can also be done in the future periodically to help maintain your skin’s rejuvenated appearance.

Following your procedure, areas that have undergone treatment can appear red with some peeling for approximately 2-7 days. Temporary swelling of the lips and of areas around the eyes may occur. Treatment of darker pigmented patches, also known as liver spots, may temporarily appear darker, however this will peel off, revealing normal skin.

Acne is a condition that is primarily stimulated by hormonal changes. As you age, there is a possibility of acne re-occurrence. In order to minimize possibility of re-occurrences, we recommend our patients to continue with a recommended home care regime as well as the occasional upkeep treatment.

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